Monday, March 4, 2013


Maj-Lis and husband Kurt

From Sundsvall
“Yes. I think it is important. It is important where you have your roots. I was born in a house that was on the land by the canal, where the university is now built...It's nice to know some buildings are preserved there as historical sites (next to the university).”

From Sundsvall
“We moved to Härnösand in 1960, me and Maj-Lis. Yes, I think it’s important (where you come from). Its strange, we have lived in Härnösand since 1960, but since I was raised in Sundsvall, I almost know that town better than Härnösand. Because, when I was young, you could walk in the backyards and gardens throughout city, just out of youthful curiousity. I learned to know the city in that way. But as an adult, here, you can’t explore in the same way.”

Friday, February 1, 2013


Rosemarie with Mumsan

From Härnösand

"I am born in Härnösand. During my working life, I lived in Sundsvall, but after retiring moved back here.
No. Its not important. Not at all. Where one comes from is not important. It is the person who is. You dont like someone because the come from a specific place. It's how they are as a person thats important." 

(But is it important to you?)

"I have never given that any thought. That it could be important where you come from.
Where I come from, I have no control over that. That was up to my parents. That is where I was born.
The question is just like “good day” or “ so long”, you dont ask because it is important, but mostly because you are curious. But it has no meaning." 


Sara and daughter Ava

From Härnösand

"I was born here. It's very important to me. Especially since I have had kids, I've noticed. We moved back from Ireland 6 months ago, its so practical to have a family in Sweden. When I was younger, I always wanted to get away from here- out and see the world. But coming's familiar -my family lives here. It has come full circle."

Saturday, November 3, 2012



From Guinea Conakry
“It is important where you come from, but it is also of importance where I am now, Sweden.
I love Guinea. That is where I have my family. That is my country of origin”

“I often say that I am from God, but I was born in Malmö, in the Skåne region."

"If you had asked me when I was your age, I would have said ‘no.’(it is not important where you are from) but now I feel that I have always made it a priority to keep my language, my dialect.  
I think about when we grew up, when we were kids, I think that the dialect we live with as children is in some way a part of your identity. For me, now, it is very important that my burring “R”s exist.“It is important. There is so much with childhood that still characterizes you –even if you move far away –that ties you to your roots. I can’t say why it is that way. I can only point it out.
I haven’t lived there (Malmö) in 50 years, but I can imagine that I would like to die there.”

From Stockholm
"That question, that is near impossible. I have never thought about ‘where you are from.’ No, I don’t think it is important where you’re from, but it is exciting to know where other people are from. I
t can be important to find out where you come from, yourself. For example if you are adopted and don’t know where you are from. Many who have been adopted seek out their roots to find a foundation to stand on. It seems very important -if you discuss it with them."

Sven and AnnMarie
From Munkfors, Värmland


“As long as I was working, it (home) was in Värmland. It was first when I was retired that we left, so to speak."

“It (where you are from) is only important in the way that one feels something for that place. Clearly, (it is important) being born and raised there, that you feel a special way towards that place. Some are living there still, and are close relatives.”