Saturday, November 3, 2012

“I often say that I am from God, but I was born in Malmö, in the Skåne region."

"If you had asked me when I was your age, I would have said ‘no.’(it is not important where you are from) but now I feel that I have always made it a priority to keep my language, my dialect.  
I think about when we grew up, when we were kids, I think that the dialect we live with as children is in some way a part of your identity. For me, now, it is very important that my burring “R”s exist.“It is important. There is so much with childhood that still characterizes you –even if you move far away –that ties you to your roots. I can’t say why it is that way. I can only point it out.
I haven’t lived there (Malmö) in 50 years, but I can imagine that I would like to die there.”

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