Friday, February 1, 2013


Rosemarie with Mumsan

From Härnösand

"I am born in Härnösand. During my working life, I lived in Sundsvall, but after retiring moved back here.
No. Its not important. Not at all. Where one comes from is not important. It is the person who is. You dont like someone because the come from a specific place. It's how they are as a person thats important." 

(But is it important to you?)

"I have never given that any thought. That it could be important where you come from.
Where I come from, I have no control over that. That was up to my parents. That is where I was born.
The question is just like “good day” or “ so long”, you dont ask because it is important, but mostly because you are curious. But it has no meaning." 

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