Monday, March 4, 2013


Maj-Lis and husband Kurt

From Sundsvall
“Yes. I think it is important. It is important where you have your roots. I was born in a house that was on the land by the canal, where the university is now built...It's nice to know some buildings are preserved there as historical sites (next to the university).”

From Sundsvall
“We moved to Härnösand in 1960, me and Maj-Lis. Yes, I think it’s important (where you come from). Its strange, we have lived in Härnösand since 1960, but since I was raised in Sundsvall, I almost know that town better than Härnösand. Because, when I was young, you could walk in the backyards and gardens throughout city, just out of youthful curiousity. I learned to know the city in that way. But as an adult, here, you can’t explore in the same way.”

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