Thursday, September 29, 2011

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From Sundsvall
"It's important to me, (that I am from Sundsvall). I am very nostalgic, but for others it probably wouldn't matter to be from that city. A lot of it has to do with nature and surroundings. It's hard (for me) to thrive in cities that don't have very much greenery in them. It's about personally feeling safe and connecting to were I grew up. Like in Ålidhem which reminds me very much of where I grew up."

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From Eritrea
"It's important to me that my nationality is Eritrea. Its good to know (a persons origin) for example, to share in one another's homeland or culture. But its not a problem to have contact with anyone."

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Ibrahim and son Hassan
From Palestine
"It is the homeland one always longs for. Especially when one has never been there. I was born a refugee in Syria, and the boy is born in Sweden."

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Erik and Johannes (from left)
From Umeå
"People should be accepted wherever they are from. If I had been from Stockholm, it wouldn't have made any difference. You shouldn't judge people because of where they come from."

From Vindeln
"Why should I care where someone comes from? If someone comes from South Korea, I wouldn't care. That person could be really friendly anyway."

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Khayroollo and daughter MuniraFrom Uzbekistan
"Of course (it's important where you come from). It does matter. It's hard to explain. It's good to say I am from a certain country and everybody can know my nationality. I usually ask people, if they are not Swedish citizens. It's interesting to know where they are from, but it doesn't change my attitude towards them. It's just interesting to know."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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"I was born in Sweden but my parents are from Italy and Gambia, Africa. It's hard to answer such questions. (The answer) depends on where in the world one is. When I am in USA, I answer that I am from Sweden. When I am in Sweden, if someone asks, it is most often because I don't look 'Swedish'. That's when I say my mother is from Italy and my father is from Gambia."

From Skellefteå, Sweden
"People are defined by what they do, not what their origin is."

From Umeå, Sweden
"I usually say I am from Umeå, but to be honest, I come from Vindeln municipality. I have lived here for many years. For me, it doesn't matter at all where one is born."

Genet with Nemo
From Stockholm, Sweden
"When I first came to Umeå, someone asked me where I was from. I answered that my father is from Ethiopia and my mom is from Rwanda. But they meant 'What city (in Sweden) do you come from.' In Stockholm, if someone asks they mean what is the country of your origin."

From Ljungbyhed, Sweden
"Why would it be important where you come from?"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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From Stensele, Sweden
It is a difficult question…In one way it is important (where you’re from). Seeing as this affects us to a certain extent. And, on the other hand, no. because we are all people. We are, fundamentally very much alike. I am often asked where I am from because I am Muslim and my answer is Sweden.

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From Piteå, Sweden
"I am proud to be of Piteå. It (the question where are you from?) is just something you ask people to get an image of who they are, but you don’t judge them for it. It is only due to curiousity that you ask it."

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Md Mazharul
From Bangladesh
“It doesn’t matter where you come from…He can be a Muslim. He can be a Christian – but honesty is the main thing for any human. This land, or America; it’s the same thing. Many people come from the around the whole world. The question after that is: ‘What are they doing (with their lives.)? Am I harmful to society, or am I helpful to society?'”

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From Övertoreå, Sweden
Yes. I think it is (important where you come from) In some way you grow up with a kind of tradition and culture. I am from the farm country…It’s not important (to me) where others come from, but I think one should be proud their roots.

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Ulla with granddaughter Signe
From Jönköping, Sweden
Where you come from, is where you long to be again. I think everyone does so. I have no desire to change where ‘home’ is. Lived there my entire life.” 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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From Umeå
"When people ask me where I come from it seems to me that they mean 'I am a foreigner.' It is the first question asked after greeting. Where do you come from? I don't think it is an interesting question... Home is where I live in Umeå. If I say (that home is) Iran, it's almost like I am lying to myself. I don't know what's going on in Iran. I have no contacts there. I have been here for 31 years."

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From Dalsland
"It is important (where you come from), I do believe that. Now that I have met people from different parts of the world, I see that there is a distinction between people dependent upon how you've grown up. I grew up in a rural community, where everyone was interested in fishing and hunting. It is the country versus the city."

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Maria with Kelvin
From Halstahammar
"It's important to know where you're from (for me). When it comes to others, in some ways it's good to know origin, but it's not crucial."