Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Fredrik and son Eddie
"That is the question. I grew up in Stockholm"
"It all depends on how far back you want to count. How I respond about where I live and where I grew up depends on what the context is and what is meant by the question. Either they (the person asking) is talking about background or they mean ‘Where do you live’. It is an interesting question. I lived in Stockholm until I moved here. Lived here for 8 years. Now this feels like home to me. But I wouldn’ say that I am from here if one is talking about origin...But I have my home here. Really I don’t think its important, generally speaking. You have to come from someplace. But for many, it seems to be important with origin etc. But I can be pretty particular in pointing out (that I am from Stockholm) So it must mean something. But I am not patriotic about it. There are many here that think it is very important."

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