Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FROMquestions & answers

"I was born in Sweden but my parents are from Italy and Gambia, Africa. It's hard to answer such questions. (The answer) depends on where in the world one is. When I am in USA, I answer that I am from Sweden. When I am in Sweden, if someone asks, it is most often because I don't look 'Swedish'. That's when I say my mother is from Italy and my father is from Gambia."

From Skellefteå, Sweden
"People are defined by what they do, not what their origin is."

From Umeå, Sweden
"I usually say I am from Umeå, but to be honest, I come from Vindeln municipality. I have lived here for many years. For me, it doesn't matter at all where one is born."

Genet with Nemo
From Stockholm, Sweden
"When I first came to Umeå, someone asked me where I was from. I answered that my father is from Ethiopia and my mom is from Rwanda. But they meant 'What city (in Sweden) do you come from.' In Stockholm, if someone asks they mean what is the country of your origin."

From Ljungbyhed, Sweden
"Why would it be important where you come from?"


  1. Damn, that's a handsome guy in the second picture. :P

  2. I love this project, Linda. The quotes are wonderful.